Collaborate & Create provides Creativity Training to all levels of management to spark innovation through a structured process; Guest Interactions Consulting to design special, simple interactions that transform customer experience; and Custom Guest Entertainment to create brand-specific entertainment for special events and busy times of year. The foundation for all of these is our proven 6-step process for generating ideas and solving problems, which grew out of our 15 years of experience in creating award-winning performances and events for our clients, including The National Science Foundation, The World of Coca-Cola and The Georgia Aquarium. Our offerings are personal, interactive, and highly customized. We apply our process with equal success to create positive, brand-specific interactions and custom training for point-of-contact personnel. Most importantly, we train management teams in our 6-step innovation process, igniting innovation and removing the obstacles to creativity, sparking enhanced customer experiences and increased productivity and profits.

Creativity Training

Our Creativity Training is a proven 6-step system for generating ideas and solving problems by structuring innovation and removing the obstacles to creativity. Creativity Training is not just for creatives. Creativity Training is for all levels of management or entry level, mid level and upper management, for anyone whose work involves problem solving, or who, if given tools and opportunity, might boost your company’s productivity, streamline processes, improve customer experience, enhance brand image or increase profits. Learn More

Guest Interactions

Companies sometimes spend mega resources on creating and maintaining a brand, only to have that image tarnished at the customer point of contact.  We have all been greeted by the annoyed employee and yawned at by the cashier.  We help companies identify, design and implement special, simple interactions that can transform the customer’s (and employee’s) experience and reinforce the brand all at the same time.  Any company that has a live interface with customers, can benefit from our expertise. We will work with management, HR and marketing to design and implement a custom strategy.Learn More

Custom Entertainment

 We work with businesses, attractions and museums to design, develop and administer entertainments based on the client’s brand, mission, and values and tailored to the architecture of their spaces.  Custom-Made Guest Entertainment can be used to begin the guest experience while guests wait in line on peak attendance days, enhance guest experience at holiday or other peak times, or provide brand-specific entertainment at corporate events.Learn More
“Having an idea and bringing it to fruition don’t always come together, but for me it did with the creativity and execution of Ariel Fristoe and Out of Hand Theater.  Thanks to Ariel, I was able to create a theatrical experience for my guests at a fundraiser for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF that aided in physically moving the attendees where they needed to go in the room, while also conveying several core messages of the organization which was the perfect set up for our paddle raise.”
Enid Draluck, UNICEF



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The World of Coca-ColaThe Georgia AquariumKilpatrick TownsendBoston Consulting Group, UnicefThe Civic League for Regional AtlantaNSF/NASA Center for Chemical EvolutionEmory UniversityUniversity of IllinoisSpelman CollegeHigher Ground Elite Softball Camp, and The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.


Who We Are and How We Can Help You

The Collaborate & Create team has spent the past 15 years creating and implementing collaborative ways of generating content and engaging audiences by making custom live performance for our clients at Out of Hand Theater. We are teachers, creators and innovators with diverse experience in management, strategic planning, branding, marketing and entertainment. Our specialty is crafting highly personal, interactive theatrical experiences. We are known for making highly enjoyable and engaging events and have been commissioned by the National Science Foundation, The World of Coca-Cola and The Georgia Aquarium to create branded performances.

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